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Pay for performance, with real science of growth, driven by technology and empowerment of native teams

Boost your site and App traffic!

End to end modern and smart tech solutions for React, Angular, Next JS, wordpress, java and more

Smart technology solutions

In todays scenario, page delivery is the key metric, optimizing pagespeed and super light AMP pages services is our core expertise
AMP and Page speed experts



Increase organic search website traffic. enhance web presence via high end tech solutions

PDLab is an initiative to help digital businesses get better at getting organic traffic and deliver super fast loading pages, with best available technology. We help digital websites and apps win over competition, and deliver desired key performance metrics, using scientific methodology.

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Our Services

Stay Fast, Stay Running,
Grow Organically


Search Engine Optimization

We have been the SEO growth hack champions of the digital industry by delivering multifold growth in traffic for our clients. Multiple fold growth!


Content Writing Services

Articles, Content writing for e-com pages, product descriptions – driven by high quality Journalists from India


Tech Audit & Recommendations

End to end audit of front end and back tech, along with dev ops of Server/CDN, with a full recommendations report


Custom Tech Solutions React, Angular and Next JS

Custom Tech Solutions React, Angular and Next JS


Shopify E-Com Sites

Shopify websites with payment gateway integration, coupon codes, checkout and delivery options, product schema etc


CMS Based Sites Creation and Optimization

End to End creation, installation and working of CMS of all kinds, especially WordPress, Drupal, Wix, Squarespace and Webflow


AMP Creation and Optimization

Fully Optimized and validated AMP pages and Web Stories, with all kinds of schema and other integrations


Core Web Vitals, Page Speed

Core Web Vitals Optimization: LCP, CLS and FID optimizations and guaranteed Good URLs in Google Search Console


App Store Optmization

App Store Optimization for both iOS and Android with “Pay for performance” guaranteed results – No growth, No Fee, only pay for growth



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Growth Hack Showcase

Check out our Growth Hack Showcase


Tech Showcase

Check out our Tech Showcase


Unique Growth Hack Model

Pay for Performance

Free Audit

Get a deep assessment of your website/app/tech free of cost

Establish Metrics

Establish key objectives in terms of quantitative metrics which need to be achieved

Success Fee Model

Mutually agree on a success fee model, which is based on pay for performance

Create Success and KT

In the decided time period, achieve the metrics and hand over processes to native teams


Let’s get Started

We always strive to be the best, best in terms of key metrics which define user experience and engagement.

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